вторник, 26 ноября 2013 г.

The Year Is One - 061611

James Behar has been becoming angrier and angrier after every cult band in which he was involved - Saetia ---> Off Minor. In the end his crushing and furious sound revealed in The Year Is One.

Тёплый - Звук (Warm - Sound)

Part of me. It came out of itself. Hope you'll enjoy.

Brain Resin - Discography

Australia - place where everything is upside-down. And Brain Resin approve it! Began as a usual hardcore band with grindy bits and after a while have become more tricky, catchy, unpredictable. Today are indefinitely inactive.

Prideswallower - Prideswallower EP (2007)

The Kodan Armada... when was it? Quite long ago, but even then guys didn't stop to make music. Greet - Prideswallower! Great grunge as it has to be! Noisy, energetic, catchy!

Box the Compass - Run The Easting Down (2002)

Band from San Francisco, which played melodic hardcore.

воскресенье, 20 октября 2013 г.

Форточка (Ventlight)

They were the best in our country! As usual for screamo bands, though they never considered themselves so, calling "screamo" a fiction, Ventilight were shortly lived from 2009 till 2011. What will you hear is a furious hardcore with breath-taking passages and technical drum section. Actually they have 2nd EP but I didn't include it into an archive due to it jocking matter. Get in touch with me if you want it.

Inventing Edward - We've Met An Impasse (By Midnight We'll Be Naked)

I don't have enough words to say how beautiful they are! Just listen and flow!